Solid wood Business Card Holders

Stock species, or custom  orders in your  choice of wood


Handmade solid wood business card holders.

I make each of these business card holders from one solid piece of wood.

Each is buffed to a soft finish with an oil/beeswax polish to enhance the beauty of the wood grain.

They hold up to 10 cards and have a tiny spring hidden inside to prevent the cards from falling out.

  The card holders measure approximately

100mm x 65mm x 8mm (4" x 2  5/8" x 5/16").

With their slim profile, they fit easily into any pocket or purse.

They make a great gift and you can easily have them engraved with logos or names at any engraving store.

We can arrange for the engraving on quantities of 50 or more.

Wooden business card holders

Quantity discounts

1 - 24

25 - 99

100 - 149

150 - 249

250- 499














      Call for laser engraved logo price

Custom orders should be placed 90 days ahead

     Minimum quantity for custom wood is 500 card holders


Rosewood - Yellow Cedar - Zebrawood - Black Cherry - Beech

Birdseye Maple  - Back Walnut - Mahogany - Hemlock

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Genuine Rosewood- In stock

     Mahogany- In stock


   Birdseye Maple - Out of Stock

        Walnut - In stock


  Hemlock - Out of Stock


Canada Tsuga (Hemlock)

Birdseye Maple