The standard length of the workable piece is 3.000 mm and larger sizes are possible on request. 

The movement of the head during machining is hydraulic and sliding takes place on hardened and tempered, ground, ball re-circulation guides.

The operating head (patented by us) is fitted with a special device that ensures perfect static and dynamic balancing, thus absolutely no vibration.

No other chiseling machine offers this fundamental advantage which translates into unlimited life, sturdiness and precision.

Our heads need no lubrication and the size of the mortise is read directly.

Two axes (X-Y ) are controlled in series.

Workable piece sizes: minimum 50 x 30 mm. (width x height)

Maximum 200 x 220mm.



Head motor

Absorbed power

(at 380 Volts, 50 Hz)

 Vertical head stroke

 Forward head stroke

 Pusher stroke

(optional up to 6.000 mm)

 Work table

 Weight of machine


Hp.  3.0

Kw.  3.0


mm. 120

mm. 150

mm. 3.000


mm. 1,000 x 300

Kg.  800



The LB/1-K has an electronic ram driven by D.C. MOTOR controlled by ENCODER and managed by COMPUTER.

This ram makes it possible to move and position the piece to be chiseled with no manual operation of the operator.

Once the programme set has been performed, a motorized mechanism ejects the piece from the machine completely.

During positioning, a system of idle gears under vertical pressure and a pneumatic horizontal ram perfectly position the wood to be machined.

Once the upright has reached the working position, it is automatically clamped by a single vertical bar controlled by two hydraulic cylinders and by a single horizontal bar.

The vertical and horizontal clamping systems have a calibrated rod (mm) which makes it possible to easily change their position when the size of the wood is changed.

Programming is similar to all our other electronic chiselling machines, i.e. writing in sequence the dimensions and length of the piece to be machined.


- Vertical loader (piece stock)

- Horizontal loader

- Piece counter

- Job list

- Additional head for very small notches

     (English style)

- Third controlled axis (Z)  (height)

- Programmable intermittent chiseling with

 quick chip unloading

- Unloader