This mortising machine is equipped with the latest microprocessors which render it versatile, functional and very precise.   In addition to being operated by a microprocessor it is different from the LB/1 S for the practicality with which it s able to program the various types of jobs.   In practice there are absolutely no manual or mechanical adjustments to make.

Each variation is programmed by the keyboard on the microprocessor and this carries it out. There are 8 stops on the bar (which is 3 meter standard) fixed at pre-established distances when assembled which are never moved by the operator; it is the computer which indicates on which of these stops the wood must be rested.   9 programs may be memorized.   Each program is automatically elaborated by the computer for execution on the RIGHT or LEFT or alternatively RIGHT-LEFT.   There is absolute precision to a tenth of a millimeter assured by an optical line.   There are 3 adjustable depths which can be recalled by the computer.

Featuring a unique patented head system that totally eliminates vibration ensuring perfect balance, both static and dynamic. No other mortising machine offers this fundamental advantage which corresponds to an unlimited life, sturdiness and precision.  Our heads do not require any lubrication and the size of the mortise is by direct reading.

The most efficient way to mortise.




Head motor

Absorbed power

(at 380 Volts, 50 Hz)

 Vertical head stroke

 Forward head stroke

 Work table

 Weight of machine


Hp.  3.0

Kw.  3.0


mm. 120

mm. 130

mm. 1,000 x 300

Kg.  600