Single head mortising machine for the making of perfect mortises both longitudinally and vertically.

This mortising machine has been designed to be extremely versatile and to easily manage a wide variety of mortises making it an ideal machine for the craftsman. It can easily do small mortises in various sizes or production work.

With just a pair of tools you can make: double mortises, bottomless mortises, blind mortises, mixed mortises, haunched mortises. Still with the same pair of tools you can change the length of the mortises and the depth of the mortises.

The versatility of this machine means that with one set of tools you can do many different mortises in the same piece of wood without having to stop and change tools, reducing handling and making for efficient use of your time.

Featuring a unique patented head system that totally eliminates vibration ensuring perfect balance, both static and dynamic. No other mortising machine offers this fundamental advantage which corresponds to an unlimited life, sturdiness and precision. Our heads do not require any lubrication and the size of the mortise is by direct reading.

The most efficient way to mortise.




Head motor

Absorbed power

at 380 Volts, 50 Hz

Vertical head stroke

Forward head stroke

Table Stroke

Work table

Weight of machine



Hp. 3.0

Kw. 3.0


mm. 120

mm. 150

mm. 400

mm. 1.000 x 350

Kg. 700



The operation of the machine as well as the clamping are entirely oleo dynamic.

A selector allows the machine to be operated manually for setting up

and automatically for the performance of a complete cycle:

clamping of wood - starting up of head motor - head feed up to the set depth,

therefore a rapid return.

The table can be moved sideways, so as to be able to make mortises of different lengths

and depths according to a program with cams at the desired distance.