A complete cast iron structure of considerable proportions and hydraulic plant for movements and blocking permit this machine to be indestructible.   The work bench is 3000 x 300mm, so it permits the workability of any one upright of door or window.

A series of hydraulic pistons assure the hold and the blocking of wood during the work. An hydraulic rotating cylinder allows the forward feed of work bench on which is fixed the wood to work.

The operating heads are fixed to a cross beam and they are movable according to the needs. The operating heads are 3 but, by request, it is possible to assemble on the same machine until 13 heads.   The best advantage of this machine is the possibility to make in a single blow a complete upright of door or window.    This machine is particularly suitable for mass-production.

Featuring a unique patented head system that totally eliminates vibration ensuring perfect balance, both static and dynamic. No other mortising machine offers this fundamental advantage which corresponds to an unlimited life, sturdiness and precision. Our heads do not require any lubrication and the size of the mortise is by direct reading.

The most efficient way to mortise.



Head motor

Installed power

(at 380 Volts)

 Vertical head stroke

 Forward head stroke

 Work table

 Weight of machine


Hp.  3.0

Kw.  4.0


mm. 120

mm. 130

mm. 3000 x 300

Kg.  2000