Model   ST-400



Precision mortising machines from Italy

Full CNC automatically controlled mortising.

Many configurations available to suit your production needs. Single-head, multi-head, milling router-heads, hollow chisel heads.

In the standard configuration, a mobile operating head performs programmed chiseling and milling work without adjustments.

The structure is made of heavy-gauge stabilized structural steel. The runners are on case-hardened and ground steel guides with 4 circulating ball pads. The axes are driven by Brushless motors. Central lubrication. The chiseling head is fitted with an automatic chip protection device and suction connection. The milling head (1B1F) at the side of the chiseling head, performs any type of programmed cutting (hardware embedding, shutter routing, miscellaneous drilling). Each program is automatically adapted to the length of the piece to be worked, allows mirror working of the piece and the automatic division of hollows the same distance apart. In the multi-cutter version (1B3F) a group of 3 milling electro-spindles can work with different tools and with spacing calculated by the NC for shutter routing with fixed or variable pitch.

The operating head (our patent) is equipped with a special device that achieves total and perfect balance, both static and dynamic. Therefore, total lack of vibrations. No other mortising machine offers this fundamental advantage, which corresponds to unlimited wear, sturdiness, precision. Our heads do not require any lubrication and the size of the mortise is by direct reading.

OPTIONS: - Vertical loader on machine table   -   Loader in line with machine  -   Unloader   -   Retractable ledge for milling operations under machine table.






Head motor

Installed power

(at 380 Volts)

 Vertical head stroke

 Forward head stroke

 Work table

 Weight of machine


Hp.  3.0

Kw.  4.0


mm. 120

mm. 130

mm. 3000 x 300

Kg.  2000


  - Vertical loader on machine table

- Loader in line with machine

- Unloader

- Retractable ledge for milling  operations under machine table