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Maka fine German made mortising machines. These machine are made for cutting mortises in solidwood. They are primarily for smaller mortises in pieces like furniture, windows cabinet door etc.

They cut very clean precise mortises in a whole range of shapes and sizes. They will cut in all woods and even in end grain.

This model of machine was manufactured during the 70's and 80's and can have many worn-out broken or missing parts so I generally strip them and rebuild them.

This 1980 machine was completely stripped and rebuilt with new bearings in the motor and oscillating unit, the feed unit was stripped cleaned and all of the O-rings, Oil Seals and Rod Wipers have been replaced.


.*Issues with these machines;

 Most all of the machines will have some galling on the shafts of the feed system. Generally I would polish the shafts and hone the casting, flush and re-grease them. Which has been done with this machine. Some minor galling is visible on the shafts does it not affect the operation,


The machine is in Excellent working condition, and cuts clean and precise.



To view  photos of the rebuild click on the buttons below:

Maka Rebuild#1. Feed unitMaka Rebuild # 2.  Machine Rebuild

Maka SM6 takes a wide range of chisels, single double, haunched and various shapes and stack combinations

I can supply  you with chisels custom-made to your specs with a 30 day delivery time.


Maka SM6PII Making windows


  • Well thought out  heavy duty design.

  • Automatic feed.

  • Infinitely variable feed speed.

  • Easy setup for single or haunched mortise depth.

  • Foot-pedal control.

  • Vertical or horizontal operation.

  • Cast iron construction

This is a beautiful piece of machinery in great condition.

A great machine for making single or double mortises.

Solid chisel cuts clean and fast in all species of wood.

Stopped or through mortises, single double, or haunched.

Traditional square end mortises for craftsman style furniture

or double mortises with angled ends for making windows.

Fine mortising  machines made by Maka of Germany.


These machines are no longer being made so this is a are opportunity to own one of these fine  machines.