MAKA mortise machines

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This machine has been Sold. I have one more that is to be rebuilt and will be for sale spring 2015

1985 MAKA SM7  Mortising machine

After 30 years of making mortisers Maka totally re-designed the small shop SM series mortising machine. They pulled out all the stops on this model and built what I believe is the finest mortising machine ever made! This machine is a beautiful piece of engineering from the German company that set the standard for mortisers. This machine is so well designed and built that there is simply nothing that comes close. These machines replaced the SM6 models that were the mainstay for 20 years.  The new SM7 series were so expensive to manufacture that they were only made for a few years then replaced with the cheaper SM8 model.  These machines are very hard to come by, the only ones that I have seen are the few machines that I have bought in from Germany myself.

"The best of the best" Maka SM7

 Price $10,500 USD


 Maka Blade Type Specifications PDF


Cut the  cleanest mortises   -    cut them amazingly fast   -   cut them amazingly accurate    -   cut an amazing variety of them
Cut single / double  / offset  /  haunched  /  square end of angled end mortises
Adjustable work position from vertical to horizontal with spring assist.
Mortises of varying lengths can easily be made  with the sliding table and stops
Fence with flip stops for fast accurate  mortise  mortise placement.
Manual feed by hand lever, with spring return. 
Dual depths stops and adjustable start position.
Laterally sliding work table with dual adjustable stop position operated by lever with quick lock
Rack and pinion fence movement and quick release lock levers
Automatic motor start /stop and  air clamping with synchronized with feed lever,
Automatic anti-splintering device pneumatically operated.

Worktable height



Cross travel of the table



Mortise depth



Width adjustment



Chisel strokes






Dust chute



Net Weight



This machine design was the culmination of 30 years of experience building mortising machines



  • Well thought out  heavy duty design.

  • Precision machined cast iron construction with

  • Dovetailed bedways on column table and column .

  • Vertical or horizontal position.

  • Sliding table for extending mortise length.

  • single lever for locking /unlocking and sliding table.

  • Multi preset width settings with quick release lever.

  • Automatic pneumatic chipbreaker.

  • Easy setup for single or haunched mortise depth.

  • Graduated fence with flip-stop.

  • Dual chip blowouts.

  • Chip-chute.

This is a beautiful piece of machinery in great condition.

A great machine for making single or double mortises.

Solid chisel cuts clean and fast in all species of wood.

Stopped or through mortises, single double, or haunched.

Traditional square end mortises for craftsman style furniture

or double mortises with angled ends for making windows.

Very rare opportunity to own one of these machine, they have not been produced since the 80's