A Gallery of some of the machinery that I have rebuilt


1980 Maka RDB MAKA  RDB   Rebuild
1988 Maka SM7P   MAKA SM7 P Rebuild
 1980 Maka SM6PII      MAKA SM6PII  Rebuild
 Maka STV Dec 2014rebuild               MAKA STV Dec 2014 Rebuild
Maka STV-VZ Rebuild                           Maka STV-VZ  Rebuild
 Maka STV rebuild          MAKA STV  Rebuild


Not completed yet
Maka SM6-PII rebuild page link: MAKA SM6-PII  Rebuild


Maka SM6-PII  Maka SM6-PII-a  Rebuild
Marunaka Ultra WII   Marunaka WFX  Rebuild

 I had two of these large double head machines that had seen better days

I rebuilt on; The machine was completely stripped, sand blasted, cleaned and repainted. Then fitted with new belts, blades, blade blocks etc.



Marunaka Royal UP rebuild page link: Royal UP Rebuild
Marunaka Royal FX rebuild page link: Royal FX Rebuild
Marunaka Custom Supersurfacer job.   Marunaka Custom supersurfacer