MARUNAKA CNC high precision timber joinery machine Model CTW-15M

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Traditional Timber Frame Joinery with modern CNC machinery!

Small and versatile, allowing small custom builders to automate the time consuming joinery work.

The CNC controlled adjustments allow you precise control and fast setup, producing the best results in the shortest time.

You will get fast and consistent results, without any time consuming layout, hand cutting, inconsistent fits or mistakes.

An unbeatable combination; you get the best of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in a small and cost effective package.

From a craftsman’s point of view:

  • you get to do the best joinerywork,

From a businessman’s point of view;

  • you get your job done in the most efficient way.

Everybody’s happy: Your customer gets a great quality job done in reasonable time frame, you get to do a high quality job fast and efficiently and make money at the same time.

The Japanese are well known for their high quality traditional craftsmanship and their modern efficient technology, these machines are the natural evolution of that spirit.


The CTW-15 is a compact high tech machine that cuts a wide variety of traditional timber joinery.

Fast - Accurate-Consistent      

 Three axis CNC controls and simple keypad operation. 

With perpendicular clamping it will cut a variety of mortises and tenons.

It is the perfect set-up for the custom builder.

CTW-15M mortise and tenon machine
Timber size Width 90-240mm
Height 90-450mm
Stroke X axis 205mm
Y axis 200
Z axis 920mm
Spindle Axis two axis
rpm 5000rpm
Power Spindle 3.7Kw  2Px2
X axis feed 0.4Kw(servo)
y axis feed 0.4Kw(servo)
z axis feed 0.75Kw(servo)
Cutter size   130mm dia. X124
WxLxH   1775x1824x3216mm
Weight   2,000Kgs
work hgt   810mm
Duct diameter   150mm dia. X 1