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Completely rebuilt

1980 Maka Mortiser SM6PII

600 Volt 3phase phase 2HP  $8500 Sold


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A fine German made mortise machine.
CKM Single End Tenoner 550 Volt three phase  $1560.  USD  
Heavy cast iron tenoner, fully adjustable heads: cutoff, top&bottom tenon and cope heads
Sicotte frame clamp    $1400.USD  
Easel style frame clamp
15 kva transformer Lv 208- HV 277/460,3phase  $520. USD  
As good as new


G&P BufferModel PN-3 3hp, 230/ 460 Volt Three phase  $1560.USD   Lot 4 
Complete with Wolfhead Flap wheel and buffing wheel with dust shrouds.



 Maka SM series Chisel mortisers

Incredibly fast and accurate!

               The mighty Maka STV

Powerful - Accurate - Versatile - Reliable

These machines cut mortises.  -  They cut them faster and cleaner than any other type of machine   -   They cut a wide variety of sizes and shapes of mortise  -  They cut single mortises, they cut double ( same size or different size) matched or offset, square-end or angled, haunched, through or stopped....  all in one pass! -  They cut in hard or softwood and even in end grain.  Simply put they are the most versatile mortising machines available. - They cut the most accurate, clean and precise mortises of any machine!   And they are faster than any other machine! They can cut mortise slots from 2mm x 20mm x 30mm deep  up to 40mm x 180mm x130mm! For cutting traditional square end mortises there is simple no other type of machine that comes close!  Perfect for windows, doors and furniture.
Currently rebuilding: 1 SM7 in stock Currently rebuilding:  1 Maka STV

SM7- the best of the SM series

a small shop machine suitable for mortises in furniture, windows, cabinet doors etc.


Maka SM7 

$10,500 US

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World Famous Maka brand Model SM7 -  Made in Germany 1985 Small and fast:

  • 1.5 kW  220/440 Volt 3 phase, 330 Kg

Approximate working range:

  • 20 - 85mm Length
  • 2mm -17mm Width
  • 90mm deep

Sliding table  -  Horizontal or vertical position -  Manual hand lever feed


STV- Larger capacity, heavier duty suitable for furniture and entry doors etc.


Maka STV-160

$15,500 US

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MAKA Model STV-160 Made in Germany

 Heavy duty:

  • 2.5 kW, 2800rpm,. 220/440 Volt, 3 phase, 400 Kg

Approximate working range:

  • 20mm - 180mm length
  • 2mm - 40mm width
  • 130mm Maximum depth

Air clamps - hydro-pneumatic feed of head unit max stroke 160mm





Marunaka Royal 14 FX 

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Marunaka Royal 18FX

Rebuilt at the Marunaka factory in Japan

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Knife Grinders

Manual Auto Feed Fully Automatic CNC